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Kennel Tech, Dog Handler and Front Desk

Every position at the Allie’s Walkabout operates as a discrete job function with scheduled, activities that specify the manner in which we do everything. Our customers have very high expectations because we are caring for a member of their family.

Providing the basis for the most efficient workflow, our systems help our team members to know when to work, what to do, and what standards of service are expected. Not only that but our system acts as an ongoing education process for each employee developing the following skills:

  • Self Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Clear Communication
  • Management by Exception
  • Strategic Thinking

Our customers are trusting us with the health and well-being of their pets, their four-legged family members. And we owe it to them to pay attention to the details of everything we do!

Your dog will romp and play from drop off to pick up, weather permitting.

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At our facility your buddy experiences the blissful blend of play and relaxation.

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We don’t cut corners with our grooming services, notice the difference immediately!

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With positive reinforcement we take a balanced approach to training your best friend.

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Pet Photography

In the studio or on location, saving dogs and
saving memories is what we love to do!

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70% of The Day is PLAY

A typical day at Allie’s Walkabout is a blissful blend of play and relaxation, at no extra charge!

We're Here Overnight

We’re staffed overnight for the safety & security of every guest so you can enjoy your time away from your buddy, without worry!

Spoil Your Pal With Treats

Why not spoil your pal while he’s here for daycare or over night. Treat him to some special edibles or fun activities.

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