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A blissful blend of play and relaxation.

EVERY Dog Can Be Trained

As your trainer, we work with your dog’s natural instincts to promote the behavior that is desired and to promote a stronger bond between you and your dog. We do not use forceful or painful methods when training (your dog should never fear you when training). Along with positive reinforcement we take a balanced approach to training, with many training tools at our disposal (treats are not the only way to teach a dog to come). We follow current canine ethology, no more of the “yank and crank” trainers of yesterday. Our goal is to have a happy well-mannered dog that has been integrated into you and your family’s lifestyle.

Our Training Methods:

We use Operant Positive Reinforcement Training for most of our training/courses, essentially rewarding the dog for performing the behaviors we want, then repeating the process for the dog to learn the command. The reverse is true for behaviors we want to eliminate; we remove the rewards from those behaviors we want to change.​

Our Classes

Join us in our 12,000 square foot facility that is set up for private one-on-one lessons and group classes. The whole family can participate. We invite parents and children to enjoy equal footing when it comes to teaching your dog to achieve its true potential! PLUS, in group classes, you receive encouragement and begin to build relationships with other dog owners in similar circumstances to you.

Board or Daycare & Train

Limited on time (or patience)? We have a ‘board and train’ or ‘daycare and train’ options as well. Your dog will board for a specified period of time, determined by your desired outcomes, and the Four Paws team will work with your dog every day. Near the end, you too will be trained on how to keep all of the success for you and your dog.

Our programs have been designed to work with a variety of needs and budgets:
  • Puppy, Basic and Advanced Obedience Group Classes
  • Therapy Dog Training
  • In Home Programs
  • Problem Solving
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Off Leash Training
  • Private Consultations
  • Board and Train

Your dog will romp and play from drop off to pick up, weather permitting.

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At our facility your buddy experiences the blissful blend of play and relaxation.

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We don’t cut corners with our grooming services, notice the difference immediately!

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With positive reinforcement we take a balanced approach to training your best friend.

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Pet Photography

In the studio or on location, saving dogs and
saving memories is what we love to do!

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70% of The Day is PLAY

A typical day at Allie’s Walkabout is a blissful blend of play and relaxation, at no extra charge!

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We’re staffed overnight for the safety & security of every guest so you can enjoy your time away from your buddy, without worry!

Spoil Your Pal With Treats

Why not spoil your pal while he’s here for daycare or over night. Treat him to some special edibles or fun activities.

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